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BNC DJ offers professional entertainment and party rentals at Wilkes - Barre, PA, with an emphasis on high quality, affordable DJ equipment. BNC DJs is committed to reducing costs to the NEPA 570 range, and we do this through professional DJing and music production.

Music goes Round offers instrument tuning - ups and downs, and it is impressive that more experienced players are looking for professional equipment. We look forward to the great musicians who live and develop here, as well as the future of music in the region.

Nails is from Mercer, Pennsylvania, while hair metal bands Cinderella and Britny Fox, who are also known for their work on other projects, are from Erie. The Bloodhound Gang is from the Philadelphia area, as is the Three Pure Rivers Studio of Arts in Drums, PA. They have been active in the music world for over 20 years, most recently as a member of the band Hair metal Cinderella and as lead singer and songwriter of the Haar metal band Cinderella.

Elizabeth "Beth" Martindale received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Houghton College and her Master of Music from Penn State University. After graduation, she continued to teach privately and remained active in the local music scene until 2010, when she moved to Kingston, PA. Since then she has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and then has her own recording studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as a solo record label.

She taught flute and piccolo at the University of Pennsylvania for four years before taking up her first teaching position as a music teacher in 2006. Seven years later, the company was bought by Winmark and renamed Music Go Round. Today, it has 34 locations in the United States.

251 Mundy Street is the shop where you can find a wide range of instruments including violins, flutes, violas, cellos, trumpets, choirs, banjos and other instruments. At the back of the store, acoustic guitars hang, while new and used instruments, including drums, keyboards and orchestral pieces, are on display.

The band, which has been on the road for two years, plays shows with bands and also has a local hardcore following. If you go, go with a band like this, not just hardcore fans, but fans of all genres.

After enjoying a large and dedicated following in Pennsylvania with several radio-friendly songs, Friction disbanded after signing with a major label. Their music was played to a worldwide audience on Radio Moscow in 1987, and the following year they became the only group to take the stage at a Motortown Revue show in Cleveland outside of the city.

The city of Bethlehem was founded on the banks of the Lehigh River and is also famous. After their foundation in Henderson, Tennessee, they moved to Harrisburg in 1994 and settled there. Fuel was signed to a major label in the USA in 1997 after moving from their hometown of New York City, New Jersey, to Pennsylvania.

Philly soul became a staple of 1970s R & B, and Philadelphia gave us various singers like Deedee Jones, the trio that performed together while we were growing up in the same neighborhood.

Rock music in western Pennsylvania tends to reflect the grittier, kinetic sound of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The house rockers are considered by many to be coarser and more "kinetic" because they are connected to the rock'n'roll scene, not only the punk scene. Other bands from Pittsburgh - the area, including Dixie Chicks, the Dukes and other local bands - have come in their wake. Someone who put the band on the pop map briefly, but I didn't like it.

After a time in Bethlehem, Peter moved to Salem, where he founded the Collegium Musicum in 1786 and collected hundreds of symphonies, hymns, hymns and oratorios. Salem became the center of Moravian musical innovation, and the company existed until 1906. It contains a collection of sheet music, some of which are still performed at special community events.

PA JAM strives for special days that are tailored to your special wishes and needs. The band's goal is to perform with as many NEPA bands as possible and to support local venues and young musicians. Since 2001 we have been offering music for all kinds of events and hope to do so again this year.

The ensembles we are currently performing with include the Wilkes-Barre High School Orchestra, the New York City Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. Jill uses her many years of experience as a music teacher and conductor to give versatile music lessons, including piano, violin, cello, viola, trumpet, harp, saxophone, guitar, piano and piano. She also conducted pit orchestras for various high school musicals and performed with many local and regional bands, as well as being a member of several operas and choirs of local high schools.

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More About Wilkes-Barre